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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

In recent years, a new field has developed in Israel- "medical tourism."
Due to its advanced medical system and the relatively high number of Russian speakers in the country, Israel has turned into a leading destination for foreigners seeking complex medical treatment. 
Medi-Market provides medications to a large number of foreign patients and enables them to complete the treatment in their home country. The service is provided through cooperation with dozens of leading agencies bringing patients to Israel for medical treatment.
As a leading provider of medical solutions, Medi-Market supports patients and families, as well as the medical staff involved. By providing medications to the patient in his preferred location, the firm enables patients to focus on their recovery and saves valuable time. Medications can be supplied to the patient's hotel, hospital, airport or place of residence abroad.    
The company is committed to provide clients with medications of the highest quality. We are working with leading manufacturers that adhere to the highest standards. Due to our reputation in the industry, we are able to provide medications quickly and at fair prices.

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